Cap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Openers automatically capture, collect, store & dispose the bottle caps!
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CAP-TRAP Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener

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Bottle openers are used worldwide to remove over 250 billion steel crown caps from bottles of beer, soda and other beverages each year. These bottle caps are then disposed, recycled or littered. Recycle bottle caps.

Hand-held bottle openers have been the most popular type used because of their convenience and mobility. Although they are easy to use, they do not assist in the proper disposal of bottle caps. Bottle cap collecting.

Wall-mounted bottle openers combined with cap-catchers do assist in disposing the bottle caps, but they are stationary. This immobility causes inconveniences by limiting the user to a fixed location. Bottle cap crafts.

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Cap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Openers combine the best attributes of both hand-held bottle openers and cap-catchers into one single product. They automatically capture, collect, store and dispose the bottle caps while still providing convenience and mobility. Bottle cap art.

Cap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Openers have also successfully eliminated the littering problems associated with bottle caps. The proprietary "Trapping System" automatically prevents any bottle caps from escaping!

With a capacity of over 30 caps, the collection chamber is easily emptied using the one-touch release button. The built-in belt clip allows hands-free transportation while the magnet attachment offers convenient storage possibilities.

Benefits: aluminum bottle glass bottle pry off pryoff

Saves time with no clean-up required
Convenient, easy to use with little training required
Opens pry-off and twist-off steel crown bottle caps
Captures and stores over 30 bottle caps
Release button instantly disposes the bottle caps
Includes built-in belt clip and magnet attachment
Custom imprinting space provided on both sides
Environmentally friendly, eliminates bottle cap litter
o Promotes recycling which saves energy, reduces waste and preserves raw materials



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